ESD sada nářadí ACCENT
ESD sada nářadí ACCENT

ESD tool set ACCENT

delivery 5-10 days
3,658.00 CZK
Tax excluded
4,426.18 CZK Tax included

Complete set in conductive plastic case with steel pliers and screwdrivers polished to a high gloss.

Scope of delivery:
ESD side. pliers, 120 mm, for soft/hard wire up to O 1.0/0.4 mm
ESD narrow flat nose pliers, 120 mm, smooth backs
ESD flat head screwdriver, CV blade, 50 x 0.8/50 x 1.5 mm
ESD Phillips screwdriver, CV blade, Gr. 000/0
ESD tweezers made of conductive, black, fiberglass, plastic material, 120 mm, with rounded tip
ESD Torx screwdriver, CV blade, T5/T7
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