Pájecí robot QUICK ET9494F
Pájecí robot QUICK ET9494F

Soldering robot QUICK ET9494F


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Product features
Supply voltage:
230 V
600 x 590 x 885 mm
0.01 um
Working area size:
400 x 400 x 100 (X/Y/Z)
Power input:
200 W
Number of axes:
Z-axis rotation:
Speed of movement:
XY 0,1 - 800 mm/s, Z 0,1 - 300 mm, R 0,1 - 600 °/s
Axle load:
Y 8 kg, Z 5 kg
Max. number of points in the programme:
Max. number of programs:
Precision soldering robot QUICK with rotary head in Z-axis for automated soldering.
Design with excellent rigidity and strength for precise positioning.
Thanks to the rotary soldering head, PCBs with already mounted components can also be soldered, for example after SMT or applications where positioning accuracy is required.

Due to the large working range, the robot is equipped with two material clamping plates.
The robot is suitable for lead-free soldering of pins, pins, pin-out components on PCB, LED strips, connectors, tinning contacts with a precise batch of solder alloy and other applications.

The robot comes complete with a 150 W soldering station, tin holder and feeder, soldering head (handle) with soldering angle adjustment, tip cleaner with brass sponge and offset, programming controller.

When ordering, it is necessary to specify the diameter of the solder wire to be used. The robot will then be supplied with a suitable feeder. If multiple diameters of solder wire are used, toothed guide wheels, feed tubes and nozzles can be purchased.
- The output power is intelligently distributed according to the change in solder joint size
- Integrated intelligent temperature compensation system with precise and stable temperature
- Digital temperature calibration and encapsulation
- The process can be controlled online by connecting to the MES system
- Working data can be stored
- Excellent appearance and front self-feeder
- Integrated alarm for tin feeder
- Easy operation and maintenance
- Wide range of soldering tips with long life

We recommend to purchase fume extraction for the robot, for example QUICK 6101A1.
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