Pájecí stanice QUICK 203H ESD
Pájecí stanice QUICK 203H ESD

QUICK 203H soldering station

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Product features
Station power:
90 W
Temperature range:
50°C - 600°C
Working voltage:
36 V
Type of station:
Supply voltage:
230 V
Model series:
Range of spikes:
200 Series
Handle power:
0 W
Resistance of the tip to the ground:
<2 Ohm
Leakage voltage:
<2 mV
The QUICK 203H soldering station is characterized by high performance and fast heat recovery, allowing you to solder large areas where heat dissipation from the soldered area is a critical parameter. The soldering station works on the principle of induction heating of the tip.

In induction heating, the soldering tip is heated by an electromagnetic field. Basically, it is a transformer whose primary winding is an inductor through which current flows. The secondary winding is the soldering tip itself, which is a shorted thread. The advantage of induction heating is the very precise control and temperature distribution of the soldering tip.

The QUICK 203H soldering station meets all the conditions for trouble-free soldering with lead-free solder. If you are not working with the station and the soldering pen is stored in the stand, the adjustable sleeping mode reduces the temperature of the soldering tip to approx. 200 degrees Celsius. This prevents oxidation of the tip plating, extends the life of the tip and makes working with PB-free solder significantly easier. After removing the soldering handle from the stand, the temperature will very quickly (approx. 2 seconds) rise to the set temperature again and you can continue working. If you forget to switch off the station, the station switches off automatically after the set time.

Trouble-free soldering is also facilitated by the correct selection of the soldering tip from a wide range of different shapes and sizes. The station is in ESD design.
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