Our job

In 2011, we decided that we wanted to make equipment for the production of electronics. Reason? Do it better and your way. We were three enthusiasts. Technician Jindra with decent English, businessman Jarda and economist Ondra. Our story started taking place in a rented room of 35 m2. It required courage and good coffee.

We focused on soldering technology and PCB production equipment. Various devices could be found on the market at that time. Poor quality and cheap or good quality and expensive. We have found a golden mean. We have become a partner of development and specialized workplaces, schools and universities. It worked for us and in 2013 we needed another 40m2 and more coffee.

With the growth of the company, new customers were added. In order to meet their demands, it was necessary to expand the product range and find new suppliers. In 2014, we participated in the Amper trade fair in Brno for the first time. We now regularly exhibit at the Productronica trade fair in Munich.

We didn't plan it, yet in 2015, a whole new door opened for us. We have established our own Mipec brand. We started developing and manufacturing. What was supposed to be the main benefit? Produce in a dry, ecological and, above all, economical way.

Our brand

The very first prototype of a CNC milling machine for the production of printed circuit boards has appeared. Due to the unique design and software solution, we were willing to travel 2,000 km in 24 hours. We're not kidding when we say we know how. We simply have to know our equipment from the first to the last screw. Well, isn't this the right place to write that we have our own know-how? After all, we deliver our milling machines all over the world.

With the development of our own production, all that was left was to break down the partition, rent additional premises and buy a new coffee machine. We love the crunching sound as the coffee grinds and the aroma wafts through the office. We are always mischievously amused by who grinds so-called "empty" and who pulled out that Black coffee Peter this time.

And how are we doing today? We are not in a rental, but in our own. There are more of us. It takes us a little longer to tell each other how we are doing in the morning. The meetings are longer, we buy bigger packages of quality coffee beans, and the most important thing is that we still have fun together.

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