Nano stanice JBC NASE-2C se dvěmi pájecími ručkami
Nano stanice JBC NASE-2C se dvěmi pájecími ručkami

Nano station JBC NANE-2C with two soldering handles

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Product features
Temperature range:
90 - 450 °C
Working voltage:
8.5 V
Type of station:
Supply voltage:
230 V
Model series:
Premium line
Range of spikes:
Handle power:
14 W
Resistance of the tip to the ground:
<2 Ohm
Leakage voltage:
<2 mV
Complete rework system:
The NANE station is the best solution for soldering and repairing SMD components requiring the highest precision. It works with the most efficient JBC soldering system and intelligent hibernation mode.

This station comes with two NT115-A soldering handles. The short tip-to-handle distance offers maximum control, even when using a microscope.

The NANE-C station works with the C115 tip series.

Like all JBC stations, the NANE has a menu with over 10 parameters for controller customization. Watch the video for soldering examples.
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