Oprávárenský systém QUICK 713 ESD 3v1
Opravárenský systém QUICK 713 ESD 3v1
Opravárenský systém QUICK 713 ESD 3v1
Oprávárenský systém QUICK 713 ESD 3v1
Opravárenský systém QUICK 713 ESD 3v1
Opravárenský systém QUICK 713 ESD 3v1

Rework system QUICK 713 ESD 3in1

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Product features
Temperature range:
100 - 500 °C
Type of station:
Supply voltage:
230 V
Range of spikes:
Air flow:
6 - 90 l/min
Performance of the hot air handle:
1200 W
Nozzle series:
Power of soldering handle:
90 W
Temperature range of soldering handle:
200 - 480 °C
Disconnecting handle power:
90 W
Temperature Range of the Disconnecting Handle:
200 - 480 °C
Disconnecting tips:
A1004, A1005, A1006
Rework system QUICK 713 is a combined multifunction station for complete rework, which has a hot air handle with integrated vacuum pipette for removing SMD components after desoldering, a classic soldering handle with induction heating and 90W power and a desoldering tool with solder extraction function.

The individual tools are controlled independently and the set parameters are displayed on a clear LCD display. Parameters such as temperature, air flow, sleep mode or automatic shutdown time are easily adjustable. Parameter settings can be locked with a password.

The Hot Air Soldering Tool - SMD repair tool with integrated vacuum pipette - has a high power of 1200W, with air temperature control up to 500 °C and the possibility of infinitely variable air flow from 6 to 90 l/min in 1/120 steps. The infinitely variable air flow control allows very sensitive and precise adjustment, avoiding problems with blowing out small parts. The wide range of hot air nozzles in the NK series allows soldering and desoldering of components in BGA, PLCC, QFP, SOP housings and the tubular nozzles also allow soldering and desoldering of small chip components. An integrated diaphragm pump in the main unit provides vacuum pressure for the vacuum pipette. Thus, no compressed air supply is required.

The hot-air handle is equipped with a magnetic switch that allows automatic cooling to 100°C when the handle is placed in the stand, after cooling the compressor is switched off. When the handle is removed from the stand, the station starts automatically. This design greatly facilitates work and protects the heating element from unnecessary thermal stress.

The 901B soldering handle has a power output of 90W. It is supplied as standard with a 200G-B soldering tip, but the entire 200G soldering tip series covers a wide range of applications not only for repair work, but also for soldering THT components, connectors or integrated circuits in PLCC, SOIC etc.

For repair work, you will appreciate the 809B desoldering tool, which allows you to desolder THT components with different pin diameters thanks to the supplied desoldering tips with inner diameters from 0.8 to 1.3 mm. A diaphragm pump in the main unit provides vacuum for reliable extraction of molten solder. The solder is then captured in a paper reservoir that can be easily emptied and reused.

- Password-locking option against operator tampering.
- Sleeping mode and automatic shutdown.
- Digital temperature setting, easy and intuitive operation.
- Vacuum pipette is located in the hot air handle, easy handling.
- Infinitely adjustable air flow ensures use for different applications.
- Automatically controlled cooling of the heating coil in the hot air handle ensures long life.
- Built-in vacuum pump - powerful suction.
- Temperature sensing sensor is located near the tip for precise temperature control.
- Lightweight soldering handle for convenient use.

Package contents: QUICK 713 station, TSS22C stand for soldering handle, 901B soldering handle with 200G-B soldering tip, brass sponge, classic sponge for cleaning tips, soldering tip gripper, 922A stand for hot air handle, NK1130 hot air nozzles, NK2064 and NK2084, desoldering tool 809B, extraction tips A1004, A1005, A1006, cleaning kit for desoldering tool, set of rubber suction cups for vacuum pipette, set of filters and tray of extracted tin for desoldering tool, power cable, grounding cable.
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