Horkovzdušný rework systém QUICK 856AX s vakuovou pipetou
Horkovzdušný rework systém QUICK 856AX s vakuovou pipetou

QUICK 856AX hot air rework system with vacuum pipette

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Product features
Station power:
1200 W
Temperature range:
100 - 500 °C
Type of station:
Hot Air
Supply voltage:
230 V
Air flow:
6 - 90 l/min
Nozzle series:
Working time settings:
The QUICK 856AX hot air rework system is similar in type to the QUICK 856AE system. In addition, it is equipped with a vacuum pipette. The QUICK 856AX hot air station is suitable for soldering and desoldering surface mount components such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc. Thanks to its parameters (high performance, fast temperature rise, perfect temperature stability), this rework system meets the demanding requirements for lead-free soldering.

Precise temperature control and infinitely variable air flow control from 0 to 90l/min in 1/200 steps allows desoldering without thermal damage to the components and with minimal impact on surrounding components. The temperature profile can be set in four phases during component soldering, where temperature, time and air flow can be set in each phase. All these values are displayed on a clear LCD display.

The hot air handle is equipped with a magnetic switch that allows automatic cooling to 100°C when the handle is placed in the stand, after cooling the compressor is switched off. When the handle is removed from the stand, the station starts automatically. This design greatly facilitates work and protects the heating element from unnecessary thermal stress. The magnetic switch function can be replaced by a foot pedal. For example, if the handle is clamped in the QUICK800 holder, pressing the foot pedal will start the hot air, pressing it again will start the process of cooling the heating element.

The operation of the station is very intuitive. The hot air handle is light and easy to operate. Sufficient airflow is ensured by the Vortex compressor with brushless motor, whose noise level does not exceed 60dB.
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