Pájecí pec HR-10LF s motorem
Pájecí pec HR-10LF s motorem

4SOLDER baking oven with motor for door

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86,300.00 CZK
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Product features
Supply voltage:
230 V
Power input:
3100 W
Furnace type:
Heating type:
IR +convection
Maximum PCB size:
300x200 mm
Adjustable temperature:
50 - 260 °C
Furnace size without stand:
510 x 370 x 340 mm
Number of zones:
Tabletop Reflow Oven 4SOLDER with automatic door opening
Industry 4.0 ready, bluetooth communication + tablet in package
IR + convection heating.

- Professional benchtop furnace for reflowing lead-free paste
- Industry 4.0 standard ready - information transfer via Bluetooth
- Android app for connection to a tablet or smartphone
- Up to 100 reflow profiles can be stored
- Integrated exhaust inside the chamber
- Motorized door opening
- PCB cooling after switching on

Reflow furnace with IR and convection heating. Uniform heating of the PCB is ensured by forced convection of hot air. Mounting of the PCB on adjustable brackets in the grate connected to the door. When the door is opened, fans located under the grate quickly cool the PCB.

Working procedure:
The furnace is connected to the mains and the exhaust outlet to the local exhaust. After switching on, the furnace tries to find a paired tablet or smartphone. If none is found, it continues in autonomous mode without changing programs or transferring information. In this mode, the furnace is controlled by buttons on the front panel and brief information is shown on a small display. If the 4SOLDER connects with a paired device, the user can write new programs
or edit existing ones in the running Android app. The process variables of the currently running program are also displayed on the portable device and archived together with the date and time.
Preheating time and temperature, reheating time and temperature or other parameters are programmed. The programs are stored in the furnace memory and can be backed up on a portable device.
The application displays continuous information about the process status, current temperature and remaining time while the program is running. When the program is finished, the furnace prompts with an acoustic signal to open the door and cool down the PCB. The acoustic alert is also transmitted to the control tablet / smartphone. We are also preparing an iOS app.
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