Odsávací jednotka pro pec HR-10

Exhaust unit for 4SOLDER furnaces

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Product features
Supply voltage:
230 V
Furnace type:
It extracts soldering fumes after the reflow is complete and the door is opened.
The forced air flow in the furnace reduces the cooling time.
The extraction unit contains a fan and a switching unit.
It connects to the prepared connectors on the 4SOLDER furnace.
The furnace control system controls the fan speed. During preheating and reheating, the speed is kept to a minimum to prevent cold air from being drawn into the furnace. Just after reflow is complete, before the door is opened, the fan speed is increased to maximum for complete extraction of the brazing fumes. The fan speed is reduced to minimum again after the furnace has cooled down to the base temperature.
The outlet of the extraction unit can be connected either to the central extraction inlet or to a separate filter unit.

Supplied accessories:
Power cable 230V / 50Hz - male for direct connection to the 4SOLDER
Signal cable - controlling the fan speed from the furnace control board
Inlet hose 1 m diameter 50mm
Outlet hose 1 m diameter 56mm.
Never shorten these hoses for sufficient cooling of the exhaust fumes!
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