We are the exclusive distributor of REECO antistatic ESD industrial furniture in the Czech Republic. We supply a range of modular industrial furniture manufactured on the basis of steel structures, which are provided with antistatic coatings. Antistatic ESD furniture Reeco allows for any configuration and thus any extension or superstructure is possible. Modular furniture solutions can be used in many industries and locations such as: warehouses, production lines, workshops, classrooms, laboratories, lecture halls, etc.


The Reeco brand has been successfully conquering foreign markets for several years. The REECO line of industrial ESD furniture meets the requirements of the EN 13150:2004 and EN 14727:2006 standards. All designs meet the strictest requirements regarding ergonomics and load capacity.


The main goal in the production of Reeco ESD furniture was to create an optimal work surface so that the activities performed at work correspond to the natural movements of a person. People are the most important element of every workplace. An employee cannot effectively fulfill his duties if his environment is not adapted to his specific psychophysical characteristics. The workplace should be designed so that the table top and shelves are always set at the correct height with a set of necessary accessories. We will be happy to help you with the design and implementation of such a workplace.


  • the sets of Reeco antistatic tables meet high requirements for workplace ergonomics
  • ESD boards are made from high-quality laminates, where the core is a conductive carbon material
  • antistatic tables are provided with ESD coating and can be grounded via feet to the ESD floor
  • furniture for easy assembly designed specifically for the needs of schools, laboratories and research
  • height-adjustable ESD tables ensure maximum comfort at work
  • REECO construction types are available: Premium, Classic, Premium Electric and Mobile
  • we offer a typical rectangular or ergonomic REECO worktop
  • the perforated frame mounted in the back of the table allows the extension of the table with other elements such as: shelves, lighting, perforated panels for tools, a rail for hanging screwdrivers, shelves for tools, holders for a monitor or for documents




Furniture tops are made of conductive boards covered with ESD laminate, which ensures the discharge of electrostatic charges from the surface of the table top to the ground.



The modular structure of Reeco furniture, a wide selection of components and a wide range of accessories allow you to easily implement the principles of ergonomics in the workplace.

Individual elements can also be used in other REECO industrial furniture modular systems.



You adjust the workplace so that the table top and shelves are always set at the correct height with a set of necessary accessories.


Feel free to contact us with any questions!

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