We are a leading supplier of equipment for professional classrooms and laboratories. Our equipment gives students access to the tools and technologies currently used in the electrical industry and guides them through the main steps from design to actual production.


Why "IN-HOUSE" PCB production?

PCB prototyping equipment is specially designed for schools, universities and laboratories to make teaching as efficient as possible. The systems are very easy to operate. They stand out on the world market for their uniqueness and enable everything that today's progressive electrotechnical laboratory requires.

Produce in a dry, ecological and economic way

Accurate and fast production of your own printed circuit boards. Easy verification of a new design without the need for complex chemical management, time delays when ordering PCBs from external suppliers or the risk of leaking sensitive data.

The initial investment brings many benefits

  • With equipment used in today's commercial industry, you will perfectly prepare your students for future work
  • You avoid using dangerous and dirty tanks for the chemical production of PCBs
  • You will produce and experiment without limits, and also quickly and cheaply
  • The system is fully compatible and connects to any CAD program using commonly used file formats
  • You will significantly shorten the production process and thus save time
  • Confidential information and suggestions will remain internal

Get started with professional equipment


The transformers rang

  • Accurate and stable temperature setting. It is a necessary requirement for lead-free soldering
  • QUICK soldering stations meet current industry standards
  • Soldering stations are intended for demanding operation and withstand even unpredictable interventions by students
  • The settings of soldering stations can be locked with a password. It goes without saying that there is sleep mode and automatic shutdown


What optical inspection enables

  • Easier to navigate in the ever-growing residential area on DPS
  • Easier work with small components
  • Allows convenient repairs and soldering with high magnification
  • Facilitates detection of soldering errors such as bridges, hairpins, etc.


There is no such thing as a bad space, just bad equipment

  • Furniture for easy assembly designed specifically for the needs of schools and laboratories
  • The modular furniture solution enables any configuration and any expansion or superstructure is possible in the future
  • Safe storage with stable shelves and lockable cabinets
  • Ergonomic chairs with increased durability and long service life


Modular superstructures of Reeco laboratory and workshop tables with the possibility of central control

  • Laboratory source: voltage 0-40V, current 0-10A, measurement of U, I, P
  • 24V source: AC 24V/2A output, DC 24V/2A output (unstabilized), fuse protection on the panel, each channel has its own switch and power-on indication
  • Protection module: central emergency switch, circuit breaker, 4x circuit breaker module

We are preparing more modules


Prepare students for practice

  • Antistatic agents are encountered in every industry
  • Electrostatic discharge can cause enormous damage in production
  • Protection against electrostatic discharge is a separate field
  • Introduce students to ESD issues as early as possible

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