University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

We participated in research focused on the manipulation of nanoparticles in laminar flow in microfluidic chips using CNC machining (MIPEC CNC milling machine).

Excerpted from Chemical Engineering Science

The designed channel geometry was drilled into the polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) plate using the CNC router (P2J Technology, Czech Republic). The PMMA plate with channels and the cover PMMA plate were joined using solvent-assisted bonding. Isopropyl alcohol acted as a solvent for PMMA under increased temperature and pressure (Schrott et al., 2009, Svoboda et al., 2010). Inlets and one outlet were fitted with Tygon tubing attached with ACRIFIX 192 (Evonik, Germany). ACRIFIX 192 is an ultraviolet radiation curable glue based on acrylate. The continuous (n-butanol) and dispersed (aqueous colloids) phases were dosed into the channel from glass or plastic syringes using computer-controlled high precision neMESYS pumps (CETONI, Germany).

  We are grateful to the P2J Technology s.r.o. for great collaboration. We would like to thank doc. Dr. Ing. Pavlína Basařová for laboratory infrastructure and help with the interfacial tension measurement, very kind approach, and great scientific discussion.

"I would like to thank you very much for joining the project. It was a huge benefit for me personally. Sometimes things were done in a hurry and maybe not always exactly right and had to be adjusted/changed, but from my point of view it was always done perfectly. I really appreciate the excellent communication and if there is a chance for further cooperation sometime in the future, I will be very happy.

Good luck to you!"

Ing. Martina Ježkova
Institute of Chemical Engineering

Panasonic Automotive Systems Czech

"It all started with equipping the laboratory with professional microscopes. It was preceded by a personal consultation and precise specification of our requirements and the possibility of configuration for our purposes. Later, we supplemented the microscopes with special sliding stands. Due to the first good experience, I did not hesitate to ask for other equipment, which were Rework stations. We have had no experience with QUICK brand soldering technology so far. The Rework system surprised us with its heating performance and air flow (I haven't discovered more powerful stations on the market in terms of air flow - you can tell by the diameter of the connecting hose, other brands have half the diameter and that's it. Later, an external company confirmed this to us, who trained us in IPC standards). We were surprised by the hot air station's durability and durability in operation (it has been running non-stop for two shifts for four years at one station. We appreciate that it can be turned on by simply lifting it from the stand. It is very practical without the need to press anything, which saves time and increases reliability).

So in terms of parameters, I give it a high rating. Therefore, I did not hesitate to pass the reference on to colleagues from another department within Panasonic who were looking for suppliers of soldering technology, microscopes, antistatic and fume extraction.

I appreciate the fair, friendly approach, reliability and always finding the optimal solution in cooperation."

Dalimil Klem
PQC Analysis CHBU-AED Engineer, Panasonic Automotive Systems Czech

Sonavox CZ

"Long-term and functioning cooperation should be valued. I am happy to say this about P2J Technology, with whom we have been doing business for 5 years. We tried different suppliers, but the soldering technique from P2J Technology ( proved to be the best for us in terms of quality and price. Why change something that works well. Over time, we also began to purchase exhaust extraction components and consumables. I would like to highlight the willingness of Jarda and Lenka's sales team, they are excellent at communicating with. We always look forward to meeting each other.

I simply recommend P2J Technology."

Tomas Divina
technologist, Sonavox CZ

GCE s.r.o. Chotěboř

"GCE and P2J Technology have been working together for a long time, which is why P2J was the first choice when looking for an ESD equipment supplier for our new oxygen concentrator production line. Cooperation, communication, ordering and delivery, everything is from our side with maximum satisfaction. I most appreciate the actions of the company's sales representatives, with whom it was a pleasure to deal. The guys understand their work, can give advice and come up with proposed solutions that are the best possible option for us, as their customers. The human approach and professional fast solutions make P2J a clear winner in other projects.

I want to thank the entire P2J team for their cooperation and I am certainly looking forward to the next one.”

Michal Musílek
Production Engineer GCE, GCE s.r.o. Chotebor

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