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ESD puzzle 500 x 500 x 7mm - tmavě šedé
ESD puzzle 500 x 500 x 7mm - tmavě šedé

ESD floor puzzle - dark grey

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Product features
Common resistance to earth:
10*5 - 10*6 Ohm
Dimension of the tile:
500 x 500 x 7 mm
Last 14 pcs (3,5 m2) with 50% discount + 6 pcs of leading yellow edges for free!!!

ESD puzzles for innovative floor solutions in laboratories and halls. Durable material that can be laid over existing flooring - whether PVC, carpet, rough concrete etc.

The advantages are immediate, installation, high variability, creation of an EPA space almost immediately in about 1h and the possibility of immediate use without process breaks and plant downtime. Another advantage is the ease of dismantling the floor and transferring it to other areas.

The floor is easy to install by yourself. An installation sheet is supplied with every order.
Of course, we offer professional installation with the option of finishing with a skirting board in the same shade of the anti-static flooring. After our installation, we measure the floor properties according to the applicable standards and issue a report.
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