Odsávácí jednotka ZERO SMOG 6V pro výpary lepidel a chemie

ZERO SMOG 6V extraction unit for adhesive and chemical fumes

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Product features
Air flow:
615 m3/h
Max. noise level:
51 dB
Type of application:
Adhesive vapours
Max. number of workplaces:
Complete system:
Dimensions of the unit:
460 x 460 x 665 mm
The ZERO SMOG 6V extraction unit is equipped with a broadband gas filter for adhesive vapours. It is easy to install and can be operated as a compact central system. The powerful, maintenance-free turbine guarantees continuous fume extraction with a maximum flow rate of up to 615 m3 /h. The CFC function automatically regulates the fan speed and optimizes the required suction power, thereby reducing noise and energy consumption.

- Extraction unit for use at up to 8 workstations
- The Constant Flow Control (CFC) function guarantees optimally regulated extraction for each individual workstation, regardless of the number of workstations connected.
- Electronic filter control with optical and acoustic alarm function
- Efficiency test via USB connection
- 4 castors for flexible use
- Remote control via RS 232 connection (optional)
- Pre-filter: F7 fine dust filter
- Compact filter: Gas filter (50% activated carbon, 50% Puratex)
- Low noise level
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