Měřič elektrostatického pole QUICK 431

QUICK 431 electrostatic field meter

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Product features
Supply voltage:
9 V
EC field measurement range:
+- 0 - 22 kV
Ion balance measurement range:
+- 0 - 220 V
Electrostatic field meter "field meter" and ion balance "ion balance". According to the standard, the charge on objects in the EPA should not exceed 100 V and the ion balance on ionizers must be set to a maximum of +- 50 V. ESD coordinators and auditors use this device to detect inappropriate objects that generate electrostatic charge (plastics, synthetic fibers, human body movement).

- Possibility to choose between 4 working modes
- Two measuring functions: electrostatic field measurement, ion balance measurement.
- Two potential measurement modes: average value, peak value
- Simple operation, measurement distance can be adjusted.
- Small size, easy handling
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