SMD manipulator MIPEC 4PLACE

SMD manipulator MIPEC 4PLACE

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Product features
Supply voltage:
230 V
790 x 390 x 170 mm (without feeders)
Power input:
6 W
Maximum PCB size:
350 x 210 mm
Number of mounting heads:
Max. number of feeders:
30 (20x 8 mm, 10x bars)
Types of feeders:
Belt and rods with manual displacement
Compressed air:
Own vacuum source
The manipulator, together with the feeders and the setting table, forms a compact, powerful setting system.
Supplied without feeders.

The easy movement of the arm in the X and Y axes allows parts to be conveniently removed from the trays and set up over the entire surface. Precise guidance of the insertion head in the Z axis ensures perpendicular and gentle placement of the part in the paste. The head guide knob serves simultaneously to rotate the needle around its axis. The head also integrates a lightweight but powerful illumination source for the area under the needle and a magnetic head motion sensor.

A powerful vacuum pump with wide range vacuum control is also included. The pump body contains electronics to evaluate vacuum switching - based on signals from the magnetic head position sensor. One press of the mounting head is understood as suction of the component and the other as laying down.

With the fine guidance of the table, it is also possible to dispense paste or glue. However, a suitable dispenser must be purchased. For example, we recommend using a JBE 1113.

For mounting small 0603 and 0402 chips as well as for precise positioning of fine pitch QFPs, a camera can be attached to the head to project a magnified image of the mount point onto a large screen.

Standard delivery includes: manipulator table with movable arm and head with lighting, 230/12 V power supply, vacuum pump, 3 magnetic PCB holders, suction cups, spare needles for vacuum pipette, operating instructions.

Especially the following accessories are ordered.
FDT-108 Joint feeder for 10 8 mm strips
FDT-108H Holder for 10 rolls for FDT-108 feeder
FDS-8 Joint feeder for 5 IO rods type SO-8
FDS-16 Joint feeder for 5 IO rods type SO-16
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