Oboustranná FR4 100 x 160 mm s pozitivní rezistem, 35 um

Reversible FR4 100 x 160 mm with positive resistor, 35 um

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CIF photosensitive plates are coated with a hard and very adhesive blue photosensitive layer with a thickness of 4.5 µm. The photosensitive layer is dust-free and allows a resolution of about 2.5 microns. Sensitivity to UV light 365 nm. Exposure time for professional film is 2:30. Protected against moisture. 5 year warranty when stored properly.

- Positive photosensitive layer
- Excellent resolution
- 4.5 µm layer thickness
- Adhesive UV protection
- Individual plastic packaging
- Excellent quality
- Resists all acids
- Long-term storage
- 5 year warranty
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