Odsávací jednotka JBC FAE2-5B pro čtyři pracoviště
Odsávací jednotka JBC FAE2-5B pro čtyři pracoviště

Extraction unit JBC FAE2-5B for four workplaces

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Product features
Air flow:
Max. noise level:
54 dB
Type of application:
Max. number of workplaces:
Complete system:
Dimensions of the unit:
560 x 320 x 590 mm
The FAE2-5B is a soldering fume extraction unit and is designed for a maximum of four workstations or eight tools.

Thanks to smart communication, the unit can only be switched on while working, saving energy, equipment and filter life.

The unit can be controlled by JBC stations, foot pedal, robotic system or PC.

It has 3 predefined power levels: low, medium and high. A custom mode that you can use to adjust the airflow from 10 - 100%.
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