Ionizační sběrný panel SDC-3444
Ionizační sběrný panel SDC-3444
Ionizační sběrný panel SDC-3444
Ionizační sběrný panel SDC-3444

SDC-3444 Ionization Collection Panel

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Ionisation collection panels remove dust particles from the air and reduce electrostatic stress in the workplace. Pollution control is particularly important in semiconductor manufacturing, the IT industry, pharmaceuticals, etc. Ionization collection panels use electrostatic forces to capture particulate matter from the air and thus significantly reduce dust in the workplace. The panels are wall-mounted and suitable for industrial cleanrooms.

Principle of dust particle absorption: positive voltage is applied to the surfaces of the collection panels by means of two electrodes (absorbing negatively charged particles), while negative voltage is applied to the stretched wires in the panels (attracting positively charged particles). Frequent cleaning of the electrified wires (emitters) and the surfaces of the collection panels is important for the proper effectiveness of aerosol particle removal.

- Trapping micro particles using electrostatic forces
- Control unit for connecting 2, 4 or 6 panels (45W, 70W, 90W)
- 24 sizes of collection panels, that can be freely combined
- Easy cleaning and servicing
- Safe and easy to use
- Alarm for high voltage changes and damage to the device
- Automatic shutdown on contact with human body or other conductive object
- Display can be connected for longer distance inspection.

Technical specifications:
Unit type: Standard-Cell
Unit size: 340x445 mm
Dust collector size: 180x300 mm
Length and number of emitter wires: 300 mm / 6 pcs
Input voltage: +5kV/-5kV (±10%)
Dust collection efficiency: 50-70%
Ozone concentration: ?0.05ppm
Ambient conditions: 0°C -50°C, 35%-65% RH
Panel weight: 1 - 5.5Kg
Predominant material: aluminum
Other materials non-flammable: PC, SUS316
Electrode cleaning: monthly
Electrode replacement: annually
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