Pájecí drát SAC 305, průměr 0,5 mm, 250 g

Soldering wire SAC 305, Sn96,5,Ag3Cu0,5, diameter 0,5 mm, 250 g

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Product features
0.5 mm
Type of material:
Type of solder:
Alloy composition:
Package weight:
0.25 kg
Soldering wire SAC305 belongs to the MBO "AUTOFIL" series of tubular soldering irons. This lead-free soldering wire enables fast soldering of copper, tin/lead, brass and nickel. MBO "AUTOFIL"
tube soldering irons can be used for manual soldering as well as for machine soldering with automatic solder wire feeding, hot air soldering, induction soldering,
HOT PLATE or flame soldering. When used with a manual soldering iron, an operating temperature of 370°C is recommended.

Flux residues after soldering can be conveniently removed with common PCB cleaning agents such as isopropyl alcohol, hydrocarbon and others.
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