Odpájecí stanice Weller WR 2000D

Disconnecting station Weller WR 2000D

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Product features
Type of station:
Model series:
Range of spikes:
Station power:
300 W
Temperature range:
50 - 550 °C
Supply voltage:
230 V
Working voltage:
24 V
Resistance of the tip to the ground:
According to IPC-J-001
Max. 0.7 bar
Pump type:
Handle power:
80 W
Compatible handles:
WP80, WP120, DSX80, DXV80, HAP1,
One station meeting all the requirements for a rework workstation. Unique compatibility with all types of tools. Two independent tool channels with automatic tool recognition and the possibility of simultaneous operation of both soldering tools. The tools are permanently ready for use.

The Weller Rework WR 2 station is a versatile soldering and desoldering station for professional repair of electronic components but also for industrial soldering and electronics development. The WR 2 has two independent tool-specific channels with automatic tool recognition and activation. Simultaneous soldering and desoldering or soldering with a soldering iron and hot air soldering is thus possible at any time. With the exception of Weller high-speed tools, all standard soldering tools such as soldering irons, soldering baths, desoldering irons or hot air irons can be operated with the rewok station.

Built-in vacuum pump.

Tip-to-ground resistance corresponds to IPC-J-001

Maximum vacuum: 0.7 bar

Display: LCD

Air flow: 18 l/min
The temperature of the soldering and desoldering tool is infinitely adjustable 50°C - 550°C depending on the tool connected:
WP 80 / WP 120: 50°C - 450°C
WSP 150: 50°C - 550°C
DSX 80 / DXV 80: 50°C - 450°C
HAP 1: 50°C - 550°C
DSX 120: 50°C - 450°C
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