Ioniser 445EF - mouldable hose with...

Ioniser 445EF - mouldable hose with nozzle

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The QUICK 445EF ionization system is suitable for service workplaces where it is desirable to change the direction of ionization and where an ionization gun cannot be used because the worker needs both hands to work. It can also be used in hard-to-reach places where it would be difficult to inject the ionized air stream with another type of ionizer.

1. Ionization is very fast, stable and easy to direct thanks to the flexible hose.
2. Reduced noise level thanks to the built-in silencer.
3. Charge balancing ± 10V.
4. Optional accessories: photoelectric switch and foot switch. Simultaneous control of air flow and high voltage.
5. Power supply not included, must be purchased separately QUICK 446EF or 446EF-II (allows connection of 2 systems).
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